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Saturday, September 16, 2017

The Toad's Diet & Fitness Tips

Here is the diet and health plan I've created. I've lost 10 pounds but still have a little gut that I'm working on. The idea is to do whatever you can each day. And, if you fall down on your diet or exercise, simply get back up and keep going. Each day, I say to myself, "There is nothing I can do to change the past, but I have control from this moment forward." You can do it!!!!


  • No processed sugar at all! Following this rule has been the biggest contributor to my weight loss. Don't worry, your body is still getting more than enough natural sugar from your regular foods. The withdraw from sugar is difficult, but after a while you'll see that life can go on without sweets.
  • Drink water. Enjoy water with your meals. Avoid fruit juices, and if you do drink them make sure they are 100% natural.
  • Minimal alcohol -- it turns into sugar.
  • Completely avoid high fructose corn syrup. 
  • Minimize red meat, chicken, turkey, and pork. Enjoy more vegetarian meals and eat more fish.
  • No sodas -- they are a vat of chemicals.
  • Eat less. You'd be surprised at how little food you need to keep going. Cut it off a little before feeling full.
  • Find replacements for potatoes.
  • Do a 1-hour exercise session each day. I like to mix this up with hiking, swimming, tennis, cycling, running, and house chores.
  • Park your car at the farthest end of the parking lot and walk.
  • Use stairs whenever possible.
  • Stand, stand, stand, every chance you get.
Note: When I first started swimming I had to take a break at 30 minutes and I needed the help of a flotation device. Now, after a few years, I can lap swim nonstop. I do flip to my back as needed to rest. The same with cycling. A 20-mile bike ride used to seem like a major day's event, but now I can zip down the bike trail for 10 miles and back pretty easily. It's rewarding to see how your body improves and increases its endurance and stamina.


It takes years for people to get overweight, and it may take a long time to lose those pounds. Just keep it a long-term goal. The key is to keep moving every chance you get. I read that cells have memory and your body will work to replace the fat you lose, so it's a tough battle. But it can be done over time.

Workplace Discrimination

At my last career workshop I learned that obesity bias in the workplace is worse than religious or racial bias. There is an advantage to presenting yourself as trim and having a healthy glow.

Household Duties

Keep your house and yard squeaky clean -- it's a great way to burn calories and you enjoy the comfort of a cleaner home.

The Enemy

If you walk into any grocery or convenience store you will be greeted with junk food everywhere. It's cheap and it's fast. But avoid the temptations. Eat some nuts and dried fruit instead.

Certainly feel free to add your suggestions in the comments below. A thanks to my doctor, who provided a few of these tips.

Todd the Toad