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Inspiration for this blog came when I saw a YouTube video made by a guy in Florida. He filmed the reflection of two suns on a building and was convinced that there is a second, hidden sun in our solar system. You can do an Internet search for "second sun" and read all kinds of articles about NASA's cover-up, etc..

The point is that people create their own realities and believe whatever they want to. As the belief becomes more intense, any facts that challenge that belief are dismissed, rationalized, or downplayed.

So, here we are, a civilization that's doubled its population in just a few decades, and there are over 7 billion people defining their own realities. It's the recipe for a mess.

Anyway, this is my general rambling blog, and I'll address this topic specifically from time-to-time. Whether it's religious, intellectual, or symbolic, the "second sun" has many meanings.


Todd the Toad

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